Pre-Arrival Planning

Before a first “look & see” visit, questionnaires are faxed to the employee’s home address asking for the information necessary to inaugurate our service. The information requested includes all of the details pertaining to personal needs and preferences of the expatriate family.

Administrative Service

We specialize in helping you through the process to obtain your work permit, residence permit, bank account, driver’s license and so on, Germany-wide! It’s much better to have someone with experience and contacts walk you through the red tape.

Housing Search

We search for houses or apartments according to your preference and budget; we know the market! We visit the residences with you. Landlords can be choosy; we help you beat the competition. We negotiate your rental contract and provide a translation for you. We conduct the takeover protocol with you at the time of move-in.

Orientation Service

We provide you with a welcome package on the area where you will live – in English where available. If desired, we give you a tour. We give you tips on the public transportation system, shopping, churches, clubs, English speaking doctors and attorneys, culture and week-end trips.

Settling-In Service

After you move in, we provide a list of technicians and repairmen (in case of need) and assist you in connection with the required work. We also help our clients register their utilities, telephone, radio/tv, etc. We provide information about insurance: household, legal liability and health insurance (in case of need).

Departure Service

Also a departure includes many action items. We help you give notice to the landlord. We support you in the landlord’s inspection, managing the renovation, conducting the move-out takeover protocol and recovering the rental deposit. We assist you in giving cancellation notices (telephone, tv, insurances, bank account).

24-hour Help Line

If you are caught in a squeeze, call us and we will try to help you any time, day or night.